In most cases, at work we don't have the option of actual silverware. We instead resort to using plastic utensils to eat our lunch, snack, etc. Now, thanks to science, we know that using plastic utensils actually enhance our eating experience (somehow).

Oxford scientist claim that eating is a multi-sensory experience for the human body. What utensils you use also adds to that experience; this includes the size, shape, and color of them.

For instance, eating yogurt with a plastic spoon actually made eating more "luxurious". In the study, respondents even said cheese tasted saltier when eaten with a knife as compared to a toothpick.

What about the color? The study says that people have an emotional connection with certain colors, varying on the person, and that made their experience different compared to using utensils of another color. Don't believe it? A different study says that drinks served in colored glass was "more refreshing" that the same liquid served in a clear glass.

What can you take from the study? Vanessa Harrar, lead researcher for the study says:

Subtly changing eating implements and tableware can affect how pleasurable or filling food appears.

So if you are eating something you might not normally like, try eating it with utensils in a color you like.