Now that ol' Monte is back up with power and internet, I thought I'd share a few photos from my home town of Philmont, NY way down in Columbia County.  While I was up here with you in the Capital Region, my mom took these photos before the town was under a voluntary evacuation yesterday due to Hurricane Irene.

My brother, Shawn, capturing footage of the water as it nears the road.


Look at the water flow hard over the dam!  It looks like the water is reaching the bridge.  I drive that bridge often and fish right around the corner every time I'm in Philmont with a day off.


To give you an idea on how much flooding has occurred in my hometown's resiviour, here is a photo taken during our annual fishing derby, as you can see- there used to be a little beach area.


We here at Q103 hope you have made it through the weather safe and sound and welcome you to share your stories and photos here and on our Facebook page as well.