Mascot down!  I don't know why anyone is surprised by this.  Usually a mascot is right where most of the action occurs so you have to watch out, and the beloved Philly Phanatic learned that the hard way.

Philly Phanatic Hit In Throat By Foul Ball

When at a baseball game there is always the danger of getting hit by a foul ball. How about a foul ball to the throat? That's what happened to the Phillies mascot. He wasn't even at a Philles game as they were on the road in St. Louis. He decided to go to a local minor league game and watch Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs. I guess that was a mistake. He was taken to the hospital after the game to get checked out. Turns out he is fine and will be good to go as the Philles welcome in the Oakland A's this weekend.