Things have not been very good between ex-band mates Philip Anselmo and Vinnie Paul since the break up of Pantera in 2003.  Phil has been trying to patch things up for years, but Vinnie has been giving him the cold shoulder.  Some of Phil's words may have been misused during a recent interview, and now Anselmo is trying to clear things up.

Right now Philip Anselmo is pretty upset with metal/rock based website Over the weekend the site posted an interview of the former Pantera lead singer, and chose a headline for the article that made it seem like Phil still had some animosity towards Vinnie Paul Abbott.

Now the headline in question was a quote from the interview done by the San Antonio Metal Music Examiner.  Was it used a bit out of context?  Yes it was, but what Phil has never learned is that if you say it, they can print it.  He learned that the hard way when he wished violence on both Vinnie Paul and Dimebag Darrell in an interview(printed at a later date) just a few weeks before Dime was brutally murdered on stage with his new band Damage Plan.

I don't believe that Anselmo has anything but love to share with Vinnie Paul, but I really don't see Vinnie gearing up to give him a hug anytime soon.