That’s my home town of Rochester, NY acting accordingly. Everybody from western New York knows immediately presiding the super bowl it’s important to chomp off the closest ear too you. Nobody knows this rule better than 27-year-old Sean Fallon-Nebbia.

“A Rochester man allegedly bit off part of his brother's right ear following a Super Bowl party.

Sean Fallon-Nebbia, 27, of Lake Avenue was charged with first-degree assault, a felony, after he and his brother fought at the tail end of a Super Bowl party in Fallon-Nebbia's apartment, just before midnight on Sunday, according to City Court documents.”  –Democrat and Chronicle

Nothing washes down taco dip and buffalo wings quite like the taste of your siblings ear flesh. If you’ve never munched down someone’s ear at a super bowl party then you have been doing super bowl all wrong. Get with the times!