After the United States beat Japan to get the gold, they were given some t-shirts to put on. Little did they know that people would be disgusted by it.

It's pretty common for a team to put on some sort of championship t-shirt after a big win, at least here in the USA. They don't exactly make congratulations on winning a gold medal shirts, though. The US defeated Japan to win the gold, and now they are in some hot water for their after-game shirts.

The shirts were from Nike, a major sponsor, and read 'Greatness Has Been Found'. Talk about rubbing it in your opponents face. Not exactly what the world would like to see. According to Yahoo, many of the writers covering the event lashed out at Team USA on twitter after seeing the shirts.

Ladies, there is a time and place for showboating, but it may have been timed badly. Now we'll no doubt have to hear Hope Solo cry about how everyone is picking on her via twitter. Oh joy.