One of the countries most historic and loved colleges is in the midst of a child sexual abuse scandal.  It's not looking good for any of the parties involved including head coach Joe Paterno.

This weekend some big news broke about Penn State University, home of the Nittany Lions, and an apparent sexual abuse scandal involving former coach Jerry Sandusky.  Sandusky was arrested over the weekend after being accused of sexually abusing multiple boys over the years, including once instance that happened right on the Penn State campus.  This is big news, and will for sure leave a black eye on everyone associated.

Everyone surrounding Sandusky denied the charges at first, but as of yesterday two top Penn State officials have stepped down.  If that's not an omission of guilt, I don't know what is.  This troubling information and it really makes my blood boil.  This guy was caught touching kids MULTIPLE times!  How was he not in jail to begin with?

The latest accusation put him in the Penn State showers with a young boy and they were involved in a sexual act.  Disgusting.  He was caught by a graduate assistant who went to Joe Paterno, who contacted University officials a day later and did nothing else.  He should have gone to the Police.  They should all lose their jobs in my opinion.  Not doing anything about a bad situation is just as bad as doing it, and they need to be held accountable.  I wouldn't be surprised if we saw Paterno step down. Obviously something isn't right at that university.

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