The digital age has made it very easy for us to communicate with one another, find directions to places and up our creepiness.

According to the Times Union an Intern at CVS in Latham NY, allegedly was video taping women as they used the bathroom. Why he might do this I’ll never understand. If there is one place women are totally not attractive, it is while popping a squat in a public restroom. But none the less creepy is as creepy does and using your phone to video tape people on the toilet is pretty darn creepy.

This article makes me wonder how many times I have been surveyed while pooping in public. For now on I vow to sit AC Slater style on the toilet so I can keep a watchful eye on the walls and cracks to see if some one is taping me. I suggest you join me and take a stand against hidden cameras and poop only sitting backwards for now on!