After seeing that Eddie Vedder released a Ukelele album,  Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament announced that band could begin work on a new album in April.

 Speaking to, Ament said that the group will cull through a pile of material they have been working on.

“We did a whole bunch of demos and everybody’s got a disc of 25 songs right now,” said Ament. “April will be the time where we get together and learn to play all these demos and figure out which 12-15 of them float to the top. Hopefully we can get something done this year.”

The band has been working on a Pearl Jam documentary. For Ament, it’s nice to be looking forward again.

“There’s been so much focus on the past,” he said, “that I think all of us are really excited to make a new record and have something to look forward to because we’ve been digging in the boxes in our basement a lot the last year or so.”

The band’s last studio album was Backspacer with the semi successful single The Fixxer.

Lot's in store for Pearl Jam this summer, as they are planning a festival in the middle of the country somewhere.