Throughout history we have seen many food creations.  Nothing has seemed to stand the test of time better than peanut butter & jelly though. Greatest ever?

What is one thing you have been eating since the time you could talk?  Peanut butter & jelly.  It's so simple, yet so perfect.  Sure, there are other sandwiches out there.  Turkey, tuna fish, BLT, but none of them can really compare to a good PB&J.   It's something you ate as a kid, that tastes just as good as an adult.

Think about it.  If you were forced to have to eat just one thing for the rest of your life, wouldn't you choose PB&J?  It's always been there for you.  Never judged or made you feel bad.  PB&J is in for the long haul.

Now obviously you can have it many different way.  Peanut butter comes many different ways.  Chunky, creamy, honey roasted.  Then there is the variety of jellies.  Put any of them together and you get greatness.  So with that being said, is it the best sandwich ever?