We've all seen at least an episode or two of the addicting reality show Pawn Stars, which premieres on Monday nights at 10 pm. People will try and sell anything to make a buck or two, and sometimes people strike it rich. On a recent episode, however, one man tried to sell something very unusual- axeman Slash's California driver's license

Pawn Stars airs on the History Channel and is set in Las Vegas. It features residents and tourists from around the country trying to sell their junk for gambling money (in most cases) and more often than not they receive less money than what they asked for and some even leave with nothing except the object with which they entered the store with. It's interesting to watch and whether or not it's scripted it proves there's money in almost anything.

On this week's episode a man by the name of Travis went into the store asking $50,000 for an older version of Velvet Revolver (ex-Guns N' Roses) guitarist Slash's (Saul Hudson) driver's license. Obviously he basically got laughed at.

Asked how he got his hands on Slash's ID, the man said A good buddy of mine actually had it years ago. He got it from his girlfriend, who was a bartender, and she ended up being there serving these guys all long long. And the whole group were trying to get her to flash for 'em. So she did, she flashed one, and he threw it on the bar. I took it when I was about 18 and used it for my fake ID until I was 21.

...Shop employee Austin "Chumlee" Russell said he would call in 44-year-old pawn shop owner Rick Harrison. Harrison, who only offered $1,000 for the license, called $50,000 an insane" price. If [Slash's] driver license was worth 50 grand, I guarantee you he would be losing his license once a month and showing up at DMV, Ah, sorry, guys, I lost it again, Rick said. Cause he would be selling that many.

Watch the episode below. If you would like to view the Slash snippet only, skip to about 8:30.