Paul Osborne recently released his latest film 'Favor' to many rave reviews. He took the time to join us to talk about the movie, making it, and much more.

The movie's tag line is 'A friend helps you move. A good friend helps you move a body.'

It's the story of Kip Desmond, who has the world in the palm of his hands. Even though Kip has a happy home life, he feels the need to have affairs with various women. On one night that Kip has a fling, the girl dies.

This results in Kip going to his childhood friend who he hasn't talked to in a long time, Marvin. Marvin agrees to take care of the situation but then starts to ask for return favors, threatening to unravel what happened that ill-fated night if he doesn't comply.

It's a psychological thrill ride that leaves you loving a character one minute and hating them the next. It takes you on a ride with peaks and valleys. To be honest, I was left at the end of the movie asking "What the hell?" I didn't know what to feel and still don't.

Paul joined me on-air on Tuesday, April 22 to celebrate the release of the movie on all Video On-Demand services, including Amazon, Xbox, Playstation, and iTunes. This is our conversation uncut and unfiltered.