Just proving once again that some people just should be allowed to open their mouths, a pastor from  North Carolina made a boneheaded statement about homosexuals in one of his sermons.

If you are a homosexual in this country, you may want to stay the hell away from North Carolina.  The latest moment of pig headed ignorance from a pastor in North Carolina comes from the Providence Road Baptist Church and pastor Charles L. Worley.

He says that he would like to put all the 'lesbians and queers' behind an electric fence.  That way they can't get out.  By his logic, they will all eventually die in this concentration camp of sorts because they 'can't reproduce'.  Though to be humane, he says he will feed them.

Worley isn't the first pastor from the great state of North Carolina to put his foot straight into his mouth.  Several have been outspoken since President Obama came out in support of same sex marriage. Turns out the south just isn't as evolved as the rest of the United States.  Surprised?  According to a poll we took at Q103albany.com, 72% of you support gay marriage.  Maybe the solution should be that we put this guy behind a fence and see how he likes it.  Sounds good to me.