So, Styles sent me this story and was like: 'Adams, you're a dad, thoughts'? Ughhh, after careful thought and consideration, yeah, I have a few thoughts. First, the details.

Denise Manco, 35, and 37-year-old Rondell Moore of Toms River, New Jersey are awaiting sentencing after pleading guilty to second degree manslaughter for rubbing Heroin on their 11 month old's gums back in 2008. Back in October (2012) new 'credible' information was presented that suggested the 11 month old didn't ingest the highly addictive drug accidentally. The end result? The couples child, known as 'Baby JM', after being rushed to a local hospital, was declared dead.


Manco and Moore are expected to receive 10 yrs when they are sentenced next month.

Seaside Heights police chief Thomas Boyd also commented on case with:

'You just sit back and you ask is the world going crazy, or am I?'



Are you kidding me? This is a sick joke that happened to go viral, right? What mom and dad couldn't make it to the local Walmart for a teething ring and baby Oragel?  Ok fine, maybe they aren't fans of the smiley face superstore? Cool, head over to a local grocer and pick up some Children's Motrin, no?

I remember a time when my 6 yr-old was teething like a rock-star. Guess what? I didn't run out, grab a smidge of the worlds most addictive drug, and lather my little boys gums hoping to quiet him up. I wouldn't even know where to find Heroin, but that's beside the point. Woooosaaaaa!!!!

Some may say- 'Well, Baby JM is an infant and most likely just od'ed with no 'feeling'. It's sad, but it happened'.  When my son (Noah) was around 8 months old, he was laying next to me, restless. Honestly, I didn't know what to do, so I figured: 'Hey, I'm daddy, I'll tell him how much I love him, smile, and hope he calms down. As I'm dead eying Noah while saying 'daddy loves you so much' my 8 month old looked at me and smiled, closed his eyes, and passed out. I will never forget that, ever. My kid knew what was going on and so did Baby JM.

Baby JM's 'parents' deserve a cold empty room, hold on. Nah, eye for an eye in regards to this story. Heroin to the gums till these two parish, cold and lonely- Done!