When it comes to naming a your child, it's a pretty important choice. You don't want something the child can be made fun of. You especially don't want them to resent you for the name. So why in God's name would you want to name your child after a passing social media fad?

I can only imagine the push-back from family members when the new parents announced the baby's name as Hashtag Jameson.

Little 8 pound Hashtag made her debut Saturday night (November 24) at 10pm. Since the family posted her first picture, the child's name has spread throughout the inter-webs. Many question if it's a hoax. Is it? Well, in Iseral last year a family named their child "Like" after Facebook. So I wouldn

God bless this girl. She is going to have to deal with a lifetime of jokes and bullying. Not saying it's right but really if my son brought home a girl and said "Dad, this is my girlfriend Hashtag". I would have to step out to the garage and laugh so hard that they might be able to hear it inside.

I mean, nothing says "I spent my entire pregnancy on social media and that's probably where I will spend it while not watching my child" like naming her Hashtag.