In a world where it has become so apparent that child abuse exists and a parents trust levels of strangers for their children is at an all time low, some traditions help us forget and enjoy the holiday season. Now, I’m not saying it is creepy as much as it is nice for parents to let their guard down for Santa Clause, but I do see it as funny.

In society people have become so paranoid of child abusers and pedophiles that a million precautions are taken daily. Also adults have become so afraid of being accused of child abuse they take caution to even the slightest actions to make sure there is no possible way anyone can perceive them as inappropriate. There is a fear that as spread across the country. Looking from an out side view, who can blame them?

So when the Holiday season comes around why does all this fear disappear? One might find it funny that because a man, who is a total stranger, wears a red suit and white beard that makes it ok to have your child sit on his lap. How ever if you replace the red suit with neon teal and purple track suit and slap good old Uncle Keith on a park bench, no parent would think twice about letting their child climb on his lap. Even if Uncle Keith “Ho Ho Ho’d” and wore white gloves, parents would still must likely dial the police.

So it appears strange that Santa make parents let their guard down once a year however, it is awfully nice to see that for the holiday season we can live with out the fear and paranoia of everyday life.