Northern Lights was packed almost to capacity last night as bands Pop Evil, Escape the Fate and headliners Papa Roach took over the stage and put on an awesome performance. The day included a BBQ with Papa Roach, an interview with Escape the Fate and a blast with Pop Evil. All three bands put on a great show, leaving the crowd with ringing, but nonetheless happy ears and smiling faces. I know I did at least.

Michigan quintet Pop Evil have been around for ten years, but have just become popular in the music world within the last couple of years, and have been taking it by storm ever since. The crowd always reacts positively to them and their fans just go crazy over them. They put on a great show with high energy and you can just tell they have so much fun doing what they do best. Bassist Matt DiRito, who must have no backbone because of the way he bends, had the most energy, as he would be all over the stage rocking out. He's nothing but hair and skin and bones, but he is super talented and has a blast on stage. He even took a taste of one of the guitars, as he licked it. The look on his face was priceless: it was like a what-am-I-doing, this-is-gross-but-I-like-it-face. His energy along with the rest of band makes their show unforgettable. They've had their hardships and have endured things that some of us never will, but with their music they have been able to rise above it and become an amazing and inspirational band, and they will only get bigger as time goes on.

Pop Evil will always hold a special place in my heart. When they played Rocktoberfest back in October, I had just

 become a Q-Tease and was told I could attend to get a feel of what it's all about. They are the first band I met as A Q-Tease and the first band I got to get a picture with. It was like my rite of passage into the Q-Tease and music world, which is what I want to be surrounded with for the rest of my life. I enjoyed seeing and meeting them again, and will always be excited to see them whenever they roll into town.

Songs performed include: "Breathe," "Hero," Daisy Chain," "Bosses Daughter," "100 in a 55" and their most popular single "Last Man Standing."

Rob Dawes wrote an excellent blog about the boys from Pop Evil. Learn more about the band and hear their new single, "Monster You Made" here.

Las Vegas, Nevada quartet Escape the Fate played second. I had never heard their music before, but Q-Tease Nikki is a huge fan of the band, and when told she would be doing the interview, she screamed, literally. Her, Heather and myself got to do the interview with Rob and photographer Nick Lee, and as soon as the video is uploaded I will post it.

We got to do the interview on their tour bus, which was a first for me. It was your typical bus, with two televisions, a table with booths, sleeping bunks, etc. They had a small veggie platter on one of the counters, which tells you they try to stay healthy while out on tour, which is not the easiest thing to do. We had fun talking with drummer Robert Ortiz, who never once took his sunglasses off, even during their set. You will be able to view the video very soon, so I won't reiterate what he said, because it's so much better on video!

They put on a good performance and got the crowd moving even more. They weren't overly interactive or anything, but they were greatful to their fans and to their crew who make what they do possible. There wasn't too many lighting effects, as it was pretty dark most of the time, but I liked it because it went with their music, Frontman Craig Mabbitt did all of the singing, and his back-up's Max Green and Bryan Money took care of the screaming, which sounded awesome when put together.

Mabbitt dedicated the last two songs to two things: his daughter, whom was on the side of the stage and gave him a kiss, and to our troops who risk their lives everyday to better ours. I love when bands do things like this because it shows their compassion, pride and a different side to them other than what is seen right in front of you.

Their set list included: "Liars and Monsters," "Issues," "Gorgeous Nightmare," "This War is Ours," "The Aftermath," "Zombie Dance" and "Day of Wreckoning."

California quartet headliners Papa Roach came on next. Before the show, the Q103 crew and winners were treated to a

 BBQ with Papa Roach, provided by the Meat House in Clifton Park. When the listeners were done feasting on steak, asparagus, cole slaw and potato salad, the band came out to eat and chat with the crowd. They were all nice and very down to earth. Frontman Jacoby Shaddix asked Nikki and I about the station and what we did, and took pictures with us and signed money for us. Both Jacoby and I were saying dolla dolla bill y'all, which I thought was awesome. Everyone had fun, and it was an amazing experience to have a BBQ with a band. How many people can say they did that in their lifetime? Now I can, along with a bunch of others, and I feel nothing but blessed.

I have seen Papa Roach a few times now, and they were amazing, as always. They were here back in October, so it was definitely a treat to have them back so soon. Little red lights were all over the stage, and the overhead lights changed often, from red to orange to white, as well as strobe lights, which is always a neat effect. Jacoby, as always, was all over the place, as if he had ADD. He crowd surfed and climbed on top of the crowd, holding on the whatever he grabbed on the ceiling of Lights. He also humped many objects, such as a wall post or a piece of equipment, which was strange but funny. He always moves so much and is so energetic, and the crowd just eats it up every time, as do I.

During one of his journeys throughout the crowd, he leaned up against a wall and pounded his head into it until there was a hole. It was hilarious. When he got back on stage he apologized and said he'd pay for the hole he put in the wall. Haha- I wonder if that's true. I found it funny, and the hole was small and will be a momento for Lights, so I hope they keep it like that! Oh if only walls could talk!

Papa Roach played about 15 songs, including singles and favorites which consisted of: "Getting Away with Murder," "Burn," "Between Angels and Insects," "Forever," "Hollywood Whore," "To Be Loved," "Born with Nothing, Die with Everything," "The Enemy," "Crash," "Kick in the Teeth," "Lifeline," "One Track Mind," "Scars," "Dead Cell" and their last song, everyone's favorite, "Last Resort."

Jacoby, along with the crowd, was sweating profusely, breathing hard and losing energy, but that didn't stop him and the rest of the band from putting on another amazing show. It was a long, but amazing day- one that I will cherish forever.

Were you at the show? What did you think of all of the performances?