Remember the "Golden Voice" Ted Williams guy from Columbus, OH? He was a former radio DJ who had fallen on hard times due to addiction and won over America because of one person's viral video of him on a street corner. He was a panhandler and we see them all over Albany. Sometimes you might pitch them a dollar or two in hopes they get some food. Ever wonder what they really do with that money?

Yakima, Washington police found a panhandler dead in his car outside of a Taco Bell restaurant - with $83k in heroin and $2,000 in cash.

Panhandler huh?

That's more then most people make in a year and this guy had it sitting in his car in the form of heroin.

The 56-year-old, identified as Douglas Budd, was considered one of the more frequent panhandlers in the area. After losing his job, some who knew the name say he tried everything to "make a buck." Did he really need it though.

This begs the question, the people you see on the corner - How many of them are actually in and how are many are just lazy looking to cash in on other's kindness.