If you've ever caught a show at the Palace Theatre in Albany, you know that great live acts hit the stage year round. Earlier this month, we helped bring you the Stone Temple Pilots show, Denis Leary recently brought his act and Alice Cooper is putting on a show soon too.  Concerts and performers aren't the only events that the Palace puts on. Did you know that the Palace also does movie nights?!  Several movies will grace the screen at the Palace and just in time for Halloween, comes the cult classic - The Rocky Horror Picture Show!

Throughout the year, the Palace Theatre runs a few movie night events.  Later on this year, you can catch the likes of family movies such as It's A Wonderful Life and Mary Poppins.  There will be new classics like Office Space or the ultimate comedy experience in the Three Stooges Film Festival that you can see in January. As we get closer, ol' Monte will make sure to update you on each movie event.  However,  first we have to kick off the Halloween season properly - with a viewing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show!

Released in 1975,  The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a spoof on horror flicks from the 40's through the 70's.  The movie is as weird as it gets but isn't that what you'd expect from a spoof?  More so for Halloween!  It's a different generation's Scary Movie.  If you're going to score tickets to the show at 7:00 PM on October 24th, please take note that I read on the Palace website, "No one under the age of 18 will be permitted into the theatre for this event without direct parental supervision."

Have you seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show before?