If you are planning a trip to Pakistan anytime soon you are going to want to look over this list of words that are no longer acceptable to text in that country.  Some I understand, while some are normal words.

Gawker.com reports that the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority has put together a list of 1,700 words that are no longer acceptable to use while sending text messages.  As of yesterday they asked mobile providers to start scanning for inappropriate words.   The list of course has your typical swear words on it but it also has some everyday words as well.  They say that it's suppose to help get rid of spam texts, but it sounds a lot like big brother to me.  Here are a few words off the list.

  • Deposit
  • Drunk
  • Glazed Donut
  • Harem
  • Murder
  • Satan
  • Flogging the dolphin ( ummmmm)
  • Deeper
  • Quickie

Like I said, I can understand the banning of some of these words.  I can only imagine that dirty talk that goes on in Pakistan seeing as they are banning words like 'Deposit' and 'Glazed Donut'.