My first question is how in the world can Ozzy write a book when he can hardly even speak? Well, he has a little help as ‘Trust Me, I’m Dr. Ozzy: Advice From Rock’s Untimate Survivor is written by Ozzy and Chris Ayers. Could you imagine what Ozzy’s grammar would be like if he was actually writing it?

Anyway, this book is mostly a ‘best of’ from his articles that were published in Rolling Stone where he responds to writer’s question with absurd answers that would only work out for The Prince of Darkness. It will also include previously unpublished material as well.

It’s almost kind of sad sometimes when I see Ozzy now. I love him, and he’s a rock legend for sure. But it feels like he’s Sharon’s puppet and she is just squeezing every dollar she can out of him. Ozzy has made more that his fair share of rock contributions where he should just be able to hide away on some island and live happily ever after. He’s earned that. If he wants to get out and do a few gigs now and again, then so be it. But the last decade or so he has not exactly been bowing out gracefully if you know what I mean. has more info on Ozzy’s new book that comes out October 11th.