Slash joined Ozzy Osbourne’s “Scream” tour this past week as the show’s opener for a 6-week run of US dates.

The two have shared a mutual admiration for years, having crossed paths and worked together: Ozzy sang on Slash’s 2010 solo record.

Promoting the current tour, the guys spoke with FOX News recently.

"I started out listening to BLACK SABBATH when I was in my teens and then Ozzy came out with his solo thing,” said Slash. “So, he's been a mainstay in rock 'n' roll ever since.”

“It’s good to have him on my tour,” said Ozzy. “It’s always great to be touring with someone you want to tour with.”

Sharing tour dates gives Slash a chance to see the Black Sabbath legend from a different perspective.

"Ozzy's one of the most charismatic frontmen I've ever seen," Slash said. "The way Ozzy commands an audience … I've never seen anybody do it the way he does.”

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