Seems like that somebody has to always mess with a good thing and try to "improve" what is already proven. Don't believe me? Target has released their "summer exclusive" flavor of Oreo cookies and it's Watermelon.

Remember the Candy Corn flavor? Yeah, most don't and those that do wish they didn't. There have also been limited edition flavors like gingerbread, birthday cake, and Creamsicle.

The new flavor is being sold for $3 a package at Targets around the country. Featuring a creme filling with pink and green colors and very much resembles the texture of Play-Doh.

How are they? Several food bloggers, yes - that apparently is a job, have weighed in:

I opened up these Limited Edition Watermelon Golden Oreos, expecting to smell an awful fake watermelon smell to come wafting out…but nothing. As soon as I bit into one I got an immediate light watermelon taste. I am, frankly, SHOCKED.  These were good, REALLY good. -JunkFoodGuy

The flavor that remains in the mouth, though, is the watermelon.  After the Oreo was inside me and beginning its work on shortening my life span, the watermelon hung around, happily fooling my mouth into thinking it had just finished some chew-work on a wad of Hubba Bubba.  Interesting. I can’t believe it, but overall, Watermelon Oreos work.  Nabisco did a good job with what should’ve been a difficult balancing act.  Well played Nabisco. -FoodJunk

Sounds like they could be good. Now the true test, going out and buying a package for personal testing. Have you tried them yet?

Flickr: Food Junk
Flickr: Food Junk