I'm at my wits end with people on Facebook. I know, I know, first world problems, but seriously. The grammar-spelling-properly constructing a sentence-paragraph and/or thought police have gotten way out of hand. Like, waaay out of hand!

And just to piss them off, I'm going to write the rest of this post in whatever way I see fit.

U no who im tallking about dont u? 'O, u put u're ' in tha wrong place. Thuh vurb aint suppohsed two go be-4 thuh noun. U aint guud at righting r u?' They're are so miny of them, rn't their?

Can I just say?

It is relly anoying. We all no u r a rockstar at righting and all things enternet. We get it. But se, your making uthers not like u. Se, sum of us were not graced wit thuh fenominal righting gean that u were. Sum of us maybe, n a, hurry two.

So listen Mr. and Mrs. fansee pantz, when u no longer make mistakes n life, be shure two quicklie let us no wen we make a mis-take.

Until than, tho- Shhhhhhh, it's over lee annoyeng.