So it’s been about one year since I first moved to Albany NY to rock the afternoons on Q103 and I’m still finding the names of the surrounding areas very confusing.

At first it was just difficult for me to pronounce the names but I think I’m starting to get the hang of that.  However I’m still startled and sometimes confused when I see the name of a town or city nearby that I don’t recognize. Often the names leave me excepting something exciting or filthy and I feel foolish once I am corrected. Today I saw the word “Kinderhook” in a headline and I immediately thought there was a kindergarten teacher who doubles as a hooker. To my surprise this is just the name of a place. Also I still giggle and hesitate to use the word Coxsackie on air. I will say it’s a good thing there is about 30 miles between Coxsackie and East Greenbush. Things could get sticky in those areas if they were any closer!