After nine years of bring her sexy self to the television sets of the world, Sophia Bush, and the rest of the 'One Tree Hill' cast signed off for the final time last night.  Looks like we'll have to find some new eye candy.

Let's face it, you have turned on the CW's 'One Tree Hill' before, and to say you haven't is a full on lie.  All those terrible teenage shows are full of smoking hot ladies, and sadly we are losing one of the best.  'One Tree Hill' concluded it's nine year run on Wednesday night, and we couldn't care less.  What we do care about however is the fact that Sophia Bush will no longer be popping up on our TV's anymore.

Did we actually know the plot that was going on?  Well, yes, but we only DVRed it and watched it in our spare time, sue us.  Sophia Bush as always been one of our favorite ladies, and we hope that she lands on her feet somewhere.  Thought if she wanted to show up to our front door we wouldn't say no to a sleepover.  Note to Sophia:  We like to sleep naked, and spoon.  It's our thing.