More than a quarter of a million Americans could lose internet on Monday as the FBI is taking down a safety net protecting your computer from malicious software (malware). Find out if your computer is infected

On November 8th, the FBI arrested several criminals in 'Operation Ghost Click'.  The criminals sent viruses to unsuspecting PC users worldwide.  If you while surfing the internet clicked on one of these viruses unknowingly you computer became infected and you were shown an alternate internet.  The criminals would then steal information, passwords etc from your PC.

After the criminals were arrested the FBI activated replacement servers, so users wouldn't lose internet immediately.  That unusual backup is being shut down on Monday at 12:01 am ET.

If you think your PC is infected visit an FBI-approved website: . Once there you can find links to services that will run a quick check on your PC, as well as guidelines to manually carry out a deeper malware inspection. The website advises that there is no easy way to tell what specific piece of malware may be controlling your PC. Malware is difficult to detect and often slows down the time it takes for Web pages to load.

Should you get cut off from the internet, you will need to contact your internet provider to re-establish connection to the internet.

If your PC is unaffected you will see this image after clicking the link.