RJ City is one of many Toronto natives who are fed up with the women in the city. No longer should men have to live in fear. It’s time to take back the streets and protect what is ours… our genitals that is.

After I learned of a incident that occurred in Toronto Canada recently where police are in search of 4 middle aged women who allegedly sexually assaulted a 19 year old man. most people would view this story and automatically say “lucky dude, 4 on 1”? But the fact of the matter is these were no ordinary women. A gang groping of sorts took place and as it pertains to the people of Toronto Canada this is an issue that needs to stop before it gets too far out of control.

I reached out to a friend of mine RJ City who works as a professional wrestler and Television actor in Toronto. After speaking with RJ I learned that this assault of forceful women is not just a onetime deal.

“The streets aren’t safe anymore.”

“.. I just want to go out with the boys and have a nice time and we have to be accosted unnecessarily by very desperate women…”

“You try to make small talk and they say ‘no I’m buying you a drink” and they start dancing up against me”

“…It’s very offensive.”

“They’ve snapped and their sick of being the friend of the attractive girl and their taking matters into their own hands.”  -RJ City

This is a serious issue we need to take control of.  If we don’t get a handle on things it will be only a matter of time until these women migrate across the rainbow bridge into Buffalo. Once they conquer Buffalo soon they will make their way east to the Albany NY area. Rise brothers and take back the dance floors and the putien!


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