Well now, Donald Trump has seemingly done everything. One thing he didn't do however is compete.

I cannot take credit for finding this gem. I didn't actually know this happened seeing as it took place in 1989, 2 years before my birth. The great people at All Over Albany talked about this with quite the touch of detail.

Apparently Trump thought that this race would one day become the equivalent of the Tour de France. I may not know bicycle races but doesn't a yearly event like such need quite a bit of backing monetarily? Money Trump indeed wasn't fessing up seeing as his name alone would bring sponsors. Like all great things the Donald does the race fizzled out my the time 1996 rolled around.

The best part of this though which can be seen in the video above is NBC's Dick Enberg asking Trump if he in 1989 could envision being in politics. Trump said that he was too blunt so he didnt see that happening. LIAR!!!!!