If you're a fan of video games and gangster movies and or tv shows. Then you should circle February 5 on your calendar. Kalypso the people who made the underground hit Tropico 4 brings us Omertà City of gangsters . With games like The Godfather and Mafia there have been plenty of Mob related video games in the past. What separates Omertà from these other games is that you have more control over what kind of mobster you want to be. The main reason for this is it is an simulation strategy RPG (Roll playing game)not a FPS(First person shooter). Now for those of you who think Dungon and dragons when you think RPG don't. There are games that are Action packed and an RPG that have nothing to do with dragons and magic such as the Mass Effect series(Action RPG). In Omertà you control how you want to run your criminal underground. The game takes place in Alantic city on the roaring 20's (same setting as Boardwalk empire). So you can own your own speak eases or set up a distillery. Need cash fast? Hire some men to do a bank job you just have to be careful that it can't get tied back to you. Someone in the way? Order a hit. Omertà brings different angles that a linear FPS can't. So just in time for you to beat all the games you got for Christmas you can pick up and play a different kind of game.

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