A few Months ago I did a preview on Omerta: City of Gangsters. And as expected I was sucked in to this game. From the makers of Tropico an under ground hit. Omerta brings the same strategy gold as Tropico but has X-COM combat style.

The game sound could be better. The sound track seems to be made up of only a few songs. Plus after a few minutes of game play you will hear everything any character will have to say. But nothing you will find over annoying.

The game play is it's strong point. You shouldn't expect ground breaking visuals. But if you enjoy managing a gang from relationships, finances, and underlings. Then this game is a must buy. Out of 10 I give this game a 8.5 with a very high replay value. The PC gamers can buy the game now. Console gamers will have to wait till February 12th to buy omerta.