Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are famous for being particularly smart with their money, but perhaps they are a bit greedy when it comes to their fashion line The Row.

Just in time for kids to go back to school the Olsen twins have put out a backpack out for all the kids!  All the kids that are willing to shell out almost $40k! It's been a while since the Olsen twins have been famous for their acting, but now are more famous for their fashion.

They have their own line of cloths and accessories called The Row and of course it's very high end.  My question is who is going to buy a backpack that costs $35,000 and sometimes $39,000?  I know it's made of crocodile or something like that but seriously, it's a backpack.

If you are interested in spending tons of your well earned money on stupid things like this you can shop right on The Row website, and also they sell their products at Barney's New York.  You can even follow The Row on facebook, that's free.

Take a look at this backpack over at The Huffington Posts style section and take the poll on what you think of it.  It's an easy poll, especially since their is only one option, ridiculous.