A new Miss USA was crowned on Sunday night.  20 year old Olivia Culpo from Rhode Island took home the title this year. 

As much as we can't stand shows like 'Toddlers & Tiaras', the product that is produced from some of these crazies is fantastic.  Case in point:  Olivia Culpo.  She is the new Miss USA after Sunday nights 61st annual pageant.

Culpo is pretty much everything we want in a Beauty Queen.  She's obviously gorgeous, has a sense of humor, love of music and looks slammin' in a bikini.  We totally base everything on the swimsuit portion.  Is that so wrong?  It doesn't hurt that she is a smarty pants too.  Nothing sexier than a woman who looks good, AND can kick our ass in 'Jeopardy'.  Congratulations to you Olivia!  We'll most likely never hear your name again, until your sex tape that is.