According to one former manager, the famed Olive Garden Culinary Institute in the heart of Tuscany is nothing more than a publicity stunt.

I'm sure no one is really shocked to learn that the chefs at Olive Garden don't actually spend years in Tuscany honing their culinary skills.  A former manager at one of the chain restaurants is making sure that no one is being drawn in by those ridiculous ads.

According to fitPerez the school is nothing more than a way for the restaurant to attract publicity.  I know I for one am blown away by this information.  Not really.  I was actually studying the Culinary Arts before I decided to get into radio and got tour of the Olive Garden kitchen.  All I have to say is it has a whole lot of microwaves.  Not that I don't enjoy some Olive Garden food just as much as the next guy but come on, did you really think they were whipping up these recipes in Italy and running them back to the states?

I remember when I first saw the commercials about the famed Tuscany school and was like, you have to be kidding me.  I truly feel sorry for anyone who bought into that craziness.  The manager that's outing the company says he won a trip to the school and said it was nothing more than a hotel that Olive Garden would rent out once a year.  He said he only saw an actual chef once.

As much as Olive Garden wants to pretend to be the real deal when it comes to Italian food, they will never come close to my Grandmother's kitchen.   Maybe now that they have been officially exposed they can stop trying to be Grappa '72 and just be themselves.  Everyone loves those bread sticks Olive Garden, now maybe it's time for you to start loving yourself.   After all you don't see Pizza Hut or Dominos pretending to be a neighborhood pizza place, um Papa Johns, I'm looking at you.  I think you might need an intervention as well.

Featured image via flickr user arnon.herskovitz