The movie “The Grey” would have been 5,000 times better had Liam Neeson brought this wild Russian grandmother with him. 

I used to fantasize about getting attacked by a mountain lion while out jogging. I would map out my every move of this man vs. beast fight. Half way through the fantasy I would get myself so pumped up about killing one I’d find myself in a full out sprint just daring any mountain lion to jump out of the bushes and get what’s coming to them. I like to believe this Russian woman is the same way.

For the past 98 years she hasn't done anything but mentally prepare for this one on one battle with a wolf. She most likely has been keeping an axe as a side arm for about four decades. Some called her crazy, but after all those years of preparation have finally paid off, who’s the crazy one now? Bottom line, me and this old Russian women were made for each other. I’m going to fly to Russia and tackle her, hold an axe to her throat and make her my wife. Or I'll just do what every other American does when they want to marry a Russian chick, I’ll order her online.