I have grandparents, and yes, I know, I too will grow old someday, but this does not change my opinion on old people sucking.

This video of a “flash mob” of old people dancing is entertainubg as hell to me, but not in a “good for them, that’s so funny” kind of way. It’s more of a “oh wow, look at them exploit these crazy old people and manipulate them into thinking that this is actually spontaneous and courageous”.

Seeing old people do things that young people normally do isn’t new, and it isn’t cool. This group of seniors dancing off-beat and out-of-sync is about as washed up as listening to Betty White talk about her old tattered vagina. Not cute!

Also, this is hardly a flash mob- if anything this is a group of seniors in matching shirts so they don't get lost doing a public display of what “silver sneakers zumba class” looks like.

Stop making a big deal of this crappy flash mob attempt and give credit to real amazing old people.