Some times I feel bad for the senior citizens of this world having to try and adapt to all the new technology that’s advancing around them. However, a window is not new technology.

This old woman walking into a glass wall is a perfect example of how as your age increases, your value to society decreases. Yes, you helped advance society so we can get to the point where we are now, however your job has since been replaced. You are no longer a value to society when you can not decipher a huge glass wall from an invisible force field. You walked into this store by opening a door, why on earth would you think the wall had since disappeared.

Not to mention, you are 80 years old, what in the world could you benefit from being in the Apple store. I’m 26, and that store makes me feel surpassed. Go back to your automatic reclining chair and get back to watching shows about embroidery like you're used to.

This type of thing will never happen to me when I grow old. I’m cashing it in at 64. I base that number strictly on a Beatles song, however I think it’s pretty much down hill from there. At 64 I’m going to test my ability to live and start my new addiction to hardcore drugs and whores. If I’m going out, at least I’m going out with a bang… and a great deal of genital herpes!