Is there anything that is off limits when it comes to gambling? The answer - Nope! Within hours of William and Kate announcing their pregnancy, bookies in England started taking bets on the child's gender and name.

One bookie is offering 10/1 odds on the child being a boy and the same if it's a girl.

Names? You can go with Frances or John for 9/1. Charles, Victoria, and George have 10/1 odds. 12/1 odds are out there for Diana, Phillip, Richard, and Spencer.

Names and gender aren't the only thing bets can be placed on. Hair color is also on the docket with odds of 6/4 brown, 2/1 blonde, 5/2 black, and 8/1 ginger.

Saddest part about all of this - People are betting in throes and millions of dollars are expected to be placed.