This weekend my fiance and I took a trip to Boston, MA to explore the city and hang out with some friends for Halloween.  We did not expect to get stuck in blizzard like conditions though.

I know what you're thinking, and no the picture above isn't from a beautiful January winter day in the beautiful Berkshires right outside of the Albany area in Western Massachusetts.  It is a picture of what was left after the freak fall snow storm from October 2011.  I was in Boston on Saturday before it all started.  At first it was just raining, but after dinner it turned to snow in bean town, and that pretty much left us stranded.

We ended up staying in Natick, MA which is just outside of Boston.  That area only saw about 6 inches, but the surrounding areas in Massachusetts saw almost 2 feet in some spots.  Mass power outages occurred all over Western Massachusetts because of all the heavy wet snow.  In the immediate Capital Region we didn't see too much, but more than 3,000 people lost power in Columbia and Dutchess county south of Albany.

A pretty freaky occurrence all around, but I suppose it's what living in the great North East is all about.  Hopefully that will be the end of it until Winter actually begins.