Until a few days ago, one of the main speaking events for this Friday at the 20th Anniversary meeting of DEF CON, a hacker conference that takes place in Las Vegas, was being kept secret. But it was revealed that General Keith Alexander, head of U.S. Cyber Security and Organizational leader for the NSA, has agreed to be the speaker for that day. This is pretty big news in the computer security world. 

This is a pretty big thing as hackers are usually considered a nuisance and a threat to cyber security by many. Actually, most hackers are just looking for security holes and then trying to let people and organizations know about them, to make them better informed about their own online security. With General Alexander attending the conference, this shows that the NSA and by extension, is listening to them.

According to SecurityWeek.com, Alexander's talk will be titled "Shared Values, Shared Responsibility," focusing on a shared core value that information is more valuable when shared and the need to protect privacy and civil liberties online as well as oppose malicious and criminal behavior.

Jeff Moss who is one of the organizers of DEF CON, has said he has been trying to get a high profile speaker from the NSA for some time. Well looks like Jeff scored on that. Ensuring that this 20th conference will be remembered for some time. So if you're planning on being in Las Vegas this weekend and have the $200 cash only admission fee, then you can watch as Alexander takes the floor at the Rio Hotel. One thing though, General Alexander is exempt from the "Spot the Fed" contest at the conference, so no T-shirt prize will be available for the General. No worries when it comes to other things to do at the conference, as there will be scavenger hunts, movie marathons and more.Sounds like a fun weekend in Vegas!