Video of Serj Tankian's Jay Leno performance; Megadeth is working on new material; Sammy Hagar communicates with aliens; U2 to do benefit album for Japan.

U2 is joining several other artists on an album that's sales will benefit the Japanese earthquake and tsunami victims.  The album is being put together by Universal Music, the worlds biggest record label.  According to Reuters the other artists that are confirmed for the album are Justin Bieber, Bon Jovi, Rhianna and Niki Minaj.  Also rumored to be on the album is Lady Gaga who is also on the Universal label.  The key to the success of the album is that the musicians will have to wave royalty fees for the songs that land on the album.  They are still looking for a few more major acts.

UGO entertainment recently sat down with Megadeth bassist David Ellefson who let out that currently the band is working on a new album.  When asked what fans can expect from the new album Ellefson said that it is a bit to early to encapsulate the entire album but know it's goign to be heavy and hooky and everything that you have come to expect from the band.  No details yet on a set release date for the album.  This will be Megadeth's first studio album since 2009's End Game, which received rave reviews from both critics and fans so it will be interesting to see how this album turns out.  To check out the complete UGO interview with Ellefson click here.

Sammy Hagar's new book, Red: My Uncensored Life In Rock, hit book stores and the internet last week and is flying off the shelves.  One of the reason why may be that in the rockers bio he claims that he was abducted by aliens not once, but twice!  In an interview with MTV Hive he talked about the close encounter and told them that "it was real" and he believes that they downloaded something into him.  That was when Hagar was an adult, but he also says he was abducted when he was a kid.  Now I thought that David Lee Roth was the craziest front man that Van Halen ever, guess I was wrong.  If you want to read the complete interview with Hagar click here.

Last week System of a Down front man Serj Tankian performed on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. He broke out his new single "Goodbye-Gate 21" and he knocked it out of the park.  It was one of the best live performances that I have seen done by Serj in a long time.  His new EP, Imperfect Remixes, is out now.  Check out the video below for his Tonight Show performance.