We are finally getting out of the steroid era in baseball, but now it seems that even some of our favorite baseball films are guilty of enhancing their performance with drugs.

Charlie Sheen has recently admitted that while making the classic baseball movie Major League that he used steroids to prepare for the role as the over the top pitcher. Who knew that Wild Thing was juicing?

This seems crazy to me.  The fact that he used the drugs to put a little more speed on his fast ball is nuts.  I guess Sheen really likes to get into character.  It also says to me that guys like Roger Clemens are hands down guilty of doing the drugs since near the end of his career he got better.

Another question:  Who cares?  It's not like we drug test our actors before they set on stage.  I bet Stallone and all those action guys were juicing up to get a little more pumped before an action role.  Sheen may have used to look like a better pitcher, but the fact of the matter is, it's a movie and it doesn't matter.  I love the movie and the fact that he was using steroids won't change that.

Wild Thing, you make my heart sing.  Now please stop being completely insane.