I swear the North Koreans get more adorable to me every day. Their empty threats of using their faulty missiles and crazy propaganda films are just good old fashion fun.  

North Korea is like that one annoying kid on the block that is always pissed off about something but can’t ever really do anything about it. But they act so crazy that you kind of have to keep an eye on them. Like you tell North Korea they can’t play kick ball with you and they say something nuts like I’m going to breathe fire on your while you sleep. You know damn well they can’t breathe fire but they sound so convincing and crazy that you almost don’t want to go to sleep that night. But on the other hand you totally want to see them try and breathe fire. That’s what this video is like. America knows North Korea can’t even have a successful missile launch test let alone conduct an attack on us from across the world. However they are so crazy that this might be something we keep an eye on.

PS is that “we are the world” playing in the video? Come on North Korea, if you’re going to create fictional CGI Genocide on America the least you could have done is got the Michele Jackson version of the song. Really dropped the ball NK!