Today is the official start of No Shave November.

Yesterday was the last the day to clean shave and today starts the beard-growing process. You can still take part, just clean shave today and hide your razor/shaving device.

November 1st, Instagram @ WesStyles

I chose to start a week early with my final clean shave being on Oct. 25.I'm one week in and as you can see from the picture, it's growing pretty good. Outside of the itchiness, I dare say it looks pretty good. How will it look in two weeks? We'll see about that.

This year for No Shave November I have chosen the Colon Cancer Alliance as my charity. I know, most November beard/mustache growing campaigns are for prostate cancer but colon cancer is something close to me as my father had colon cancer in the mid-00s.

Thanks to him going for a routine screening, the doctor was able to find a very small cancerous polyp. I remember the day my father broke the news to the family in a full family sit down meeting to go over what he had, the surgery, and more. It definitely struck the family big.

I also remember, very vividly, the day of the surgery when the family was huddled up in the waiting room of the St. Elizabeth Hospital in my hometown of Youngstown, OH. After several hours of waiting the word came back the surgery was a success and he was recovering well.

At the age of 30, I will be going in 2014 to get my first routine screening because you are never too young to have colon cancer and the fact that it now runs in my family; my risk of getting it myself are higher.

Colon cancer is not something most people think about. It claims many lives every year of people who never went to get a routine screening. The Colon Cancer Alliance works to educate people on the matter, help with research, and also be there for patient support. It is a great cause and I ask for your help in the month of November by making a donation using the link below. My goal is to reach $500 by Nov. 31 as I continue to grow my beard and provide twice weekly updates that will also include great information from the CCA.

CLICK HERE to donate today.

The process so far...

Photos: Instagram, @WesStyles