No Shave November is when you put down the razor to raise awareness for men's health issues. While I am growing to like the beard, I don't think I could do what Beard Team USA did at the World Beard and Mustache Championship recently.

Beard Team USA won a slew of first place trophies at this year's competition in Germany on Saturday- Including best English mustache, full beard with a styled mustache, freestyle mustache, full beard natural, full beard freestyle, and Fu Manchu.

Kudos to the team for their first and second place victories. Who knew we were so serious about our facial hair in the US? These guys style them up and make a true show out of beard and mustache growing. Look at these pictures below from past and other competitions, they say it all.

While I attempt to not shave all month long in November, I am also raising awareness for the Colon Cancer Alliance. As I have said in previous posts, this is a matter close to me as colon cancer affected my family within the last decade. I was unaware of colon cancer until I learned about it through my dad and his sequential surgery.

I can only image what was going through my dad's mind when he found out, let alone how he prepared himself to tell the family.

According to the CCA website:

A colon cancer diagnosis can be very overwhelming. The dangers, prevention and treatment of colon cancer are still not widely known and are not discussed because colon cancer affects parts of the body that people often find embarrassing or even forbidden to talk about.

Lack of general public awareness of the disease has limited funding for research, kept colon cancer patients unaware of their treatment options and prevented early detection and treatment in far too many cases. Be informed and prevent this disease and its consequences.

Please visit the CCA website; learn more and if you can - please donate.