A new law is being enforced in Albany County which may be bad news for people who love properly isolated liquids but also hate the planet.

In July 2014 a new law in Albany County made it illegal for chain restaurants to use polystyrene foam containers for takeout items. So your classic foam coffee cups, fancy lunchroom-style food trays, and anything else that makes a squeaky noise when you rub it will no longer be allowed.

The law was passed six months ago but was not to be enforced until November 1, 2014. According to the TU, first-time violators could face a fine up to $250, second-time offenders up to $500 and third-time offenders could be charged with a misdemeanor and fined up to $1,000.

This is terrible news for people who love to only eat food out of non-biodegradable items that also can be used as floatation devices.