Hangovers. The worst part of a fun night out with friends, partaking in a live sporting event, or just an evening at home. They are the reminder of why you shouldn't drink so much without taking a break to drink water in between to stay hydrated.

That was until now.

Thanks to some brilliant researchers in Australia, there is a new kind of beer that has electrolytes - you know, the thing that helps to keep your body hydrated that is most commonly found in sport drinks.

There is one down side; the amount of alcohol per bottle had to be lowered in order to add the electrolytes.

The team behind the new beer altered four different beers; two commercially known beers, one had the average amount of alcohol, and one was extremely light. What they found was that by adding electrolytes to the light beer make it more effective in hydrating the drinker. The researchers claim the taste was not altered by adding the electrolytes either.

Ben Desbrow, who led the study at Griffith University's Health Institute, spoke on the light beer's effects:

Of the four different beers the subjects consumed, our augmented light beer was by far the most well retained by the body, meaning it was the most effective at re-hydrating the subjects.