Greatest of All-Time list are something of a huge debate among music fans. It's more based on personal preference than any other criteria. So it should come as no surprise that NME's recently revealed 'Top 500 Songs of All-Time' will stir up some major conversation and controversy.

One of the reason is their No.1, Nirvana's 'Smells Like Teen Spirit.' 

Wither you love, like, hate, or think the band is overrated; Nirvana had a major influence on 90's grunge music and everything thereafter. Should it come as any surprise that their biggest hit is the biggest song of all-time?

Kurt Cobain himself actually grew tired of the song stating in a 1993 interview:

I can see it's a good record from a commercial point of view but it's too slick for my tastes.

The Top 500 list was voted on by present and past writers for NME. The Top 5 is a very eclectic mix of American rock, English rock, and even disco(?).

  1. Nirvana 'Smells Like Teen Spirit
  2. Joy Division 'Love Will Tear Us Apart'
  3. Donna Summer 'I Feel Love'
  4. The Smiths 'How Soon Is Now?'
  5. The Strokes 'Last Night'

The full 500 list is published in the latest issue of NME magazine out now on newsstands and digitally. NME is also releasing the list in batches of 100 - HERE.