The Nine Inch Nails did their farewell tour in 2009.  Trent Reznor says he might bring the band back to the live arena in the future.

The frontman and producer had always maintained there would be more NIN music, but he’d had enough of playing live. But with some distance between him and how he previously felt, he’s ready to reconsider his position.

Reznor tells the New York Times: “Will I tour again? Certainly. Will Nine Inch Nails play shows again? I’m not saying it’s out of the question. But there’s no tour planned.”

In a light-hearted aside he refers to the tradition of farewells never quite being what they were meant to be in rock music, saying: “Gene Simmons called me up and told me, ‘Just say it’s your last tour – that always keeps the fans coming’.”

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