Hey my name is Nikki. I’m a blast of fun and easy to get along with. I love show and music!  If you see a car full of girls with the radio blasting, their hands out the window, I’m probably in there!  I am originally from South Carolina, so I have that wonderful southern hospitality along with my rock out attitude. You will probably always hear me say ya’ll – I can’t help it!  I just always live my life out loud and I’ll take you along for the ride if we cross paths, so be careful!!

Q-Tease bare all-

Piercings 15
Tattoos 13
Favorite drink HAWAIIAN PUNCH
Favorite song to rock out to Cherry Pie Warrant
Worst pickup line Do you have a BF?  Want another?
Favorite time period THE 80’s!
Best concert Warped Tour
Love or money Love
Late night snack Grilled Cheese and hot tamales
Greatest Fantasy Crazy night in Vegas
Words to live by Stay true to those who are true to you